Thursday, December 31, 2009

farewell 2009

so its the end of the year....

Keith and I have stuffed ourselves with Chinese food, and there are leftovers so i am all set for tomorrow as well. Later we will be heading out to a friends house, and then over to another friends house, not exactly staying in like planned but should be fun anyway.

so how has the year gone for me?

i am the supervisor at work now, and if i got to keep that job it would be awesome, but i don't so...meh!

we have our boy King and thats a pleasure (almost) every day - love you King!

i have made some amazing friends this year, and i can't believe this time last year we only knew each other by screen names on a forum....crazy how some people you just ARE friends with.

i think my scrapbooking style has changed a lot this year, definitely more detailed, lots more product and depth going into each and every project.

i have begun to LOVE making cards, and am thrilled with my position on the LCOM card team.

i havn't made any concrete new years resolutions but i do want to get more on track with "life in general" starting in the new year.

i have begun to be a little slack about my healthy eating, and i've been making excuses about being inactive and that needs to stop ASAP.

*** i need to spend less money too***

i think i will finish this off with my all time fave LO ever. it is beautiful in real life, but the papers are super shiny so its hard to get a decent photo of the LO.

the journalling reads "we are so lucky to have a little guy like King sleeping under our Christmas tree"

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

(and by everyone i'm sure that just Amy and Amanda will read this)

;) lol

if anyone else reads it, make a comment because otherwise you're just sneaky!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

snow snow snow

is it going to stop falling from the sky?

we are getting so much of it, i tried to shovel the end of the driveway this morning at 6 30 but then i realized that its hard work and i don't like that so i just drove over it. i'm not sure thats what you are supposed to do, but i did it anyway.

i forgot to take my medicine this morning, and i'm kind of wishing that i had remembered right about now. i don't notice when i take it every day, its when i take a break from it that i notice.

i am looking forward to this week being over, i think i need to take a real vacation week soon. long weekends are great but its just not the same.

i hope everyone has a great day, maybe play in the snow? i might when i get home if King is up for it.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

from my house to yours, I hope you had a wonderful holiday.
we are pretty much back to normal here, a short work week for me and then New Years. I'm not sure what we'll be doing, Keith might have to be working, but thats okay. I love the holidays and this year i have so much to be thankful for. I'm so lucky to have Keith, King, my great friends, my awesome lucky.

I have been a terrible slacker with my blog, and i havn't even been scrapping that much. that needs to change. i need to scrap!

my attempts to get on some DT's didn't go over as planned, i sure do have lots of experience applying places, but um....thats about it.

i am still on the L COM card team and i am loving it. i never thought i would love card making, but its really grown on me. now i make cards for every single occasion i can think of.

oh, did i mention Santa found me this year? he brought me a macro lens for my camera, i am just like the paparrazzi now. i think i need to spend lots of time leaning how to use it, i need to do that with my camera as well.

the below photo is of King on Christmas morning. My Nana sent him the bandana, he's not really a fan of me putting things like that on him, his expression is sort of saying "oh please mom, take this off, i look like a weiner"

but i had to take a picture because i have to send it to my Nana, she'll love it.

hope all is well with you, hopefully i'll be back blogging before 5 weeks like last time!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


i think i'm fighting a flu bug. it all started in the middle of the night, i was having flu symptoms,but i thought maybe it was from something i ate so i dismissed it. i was feeling a bit better this morning, so King and I went to the new dog park and we LOVED IT!!! King played with all the other dogs so well, he was gentle with the small ones, and so pathetically submissive with the large ones. He didn't jump on anyone, the whole time! i was so happy, and he even said hello to a toddler who was there, he just gave him the gentlest sniff, made me happy to know he is still gentle like that with little ones.

anyway, i got home from that and i started feeling really weak and faint, kind of panicked a bit because i was home alone and i don't know what i'd do if i fainted by myfelf. luckily that didn't happen, but now i'm just feeling tired, and hungry but i'm being super careful about what i eat.

i only had soup for supper, and crackers and some flat gingerale.

later on tonight i might have some warm liquid jell-o. some people think thats a weird comfort food but my nana used to make it for my mom, and my mom used to make it for me and it makes my tummy feel so much better. i think the gelatin does something to soothe your stomache too.

i might have to scrap that little bit of information, its a nice comfort thing. :)

speaking of scrapping, i don't really include too much of that around here eh? i have been trying to be better about posting, and i have been, but now i just need to add some scrappy creations.

yeah, right, i'll get there......

on another note, i went to see New Moon yesterday with Amy and some of her friends. Amanda couldn't make it because she was not feeling well, but we'll get to another movie with you soon Amanda!!

i really liked New Moon, its nice that Jacob didn't need to wear a shirt, really nice. :)

i think they did a way better job with this movie compared to the last one, but now i don't want to wait for the next ones.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

no title

after deleting three potential titles, this post gets no title, i can't be bothered to try to be clever today. i want very badly to organzie my ribbon stash. i don't seem to find a way that works for me, and after an anxiety attack about it the other night, its just all sitting on the floor in my scrap room.

maybe this evening, but i'm super tired and even though its early, i really want to go to bed.

i've already done lots today, laundry dishes, played with king, oh yeah, worked 9 hours too

thats enough right?

i need to photograph the book i made for my mom, but its so dark that i probably won't tonight.

on an interesting and positive note: NEW MOON opens this weekend, i'm so excited to go on Saturday. its going to be awesome!!

also, i have my front teeth all shiny, white and shaped beautifully. i feel i can brag like that since it was dang expensive, hurt a little, and i've been waiting for YEARS to get it done.

pearly whites, so worth it!

thats all for now! :) :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i thought it was monday...

so i was getting ready to post my card for the LCOM card team, but wait!!! its only thursday, that day off in the middle of the week really messes me up.

i love going to work and earning a paycheque, but i would so much rather stay home. i have been crocheting a blanket, i'm not that great at it, but its so relaxing to do while i'm watching tv, and everyone likes blankets right?

its a baby blanket, and keith asked me who it was for. i told him in all reality it might be for us since it takes me FOREVER to finish a project like that. the Christmas tree skirt is going on year three people, i only like my wooly crafts in the winter.

i have a scrappy date with my friends this weekend, can't wait! need to get some projects finished.

thats all for tonight :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

takin' the plunge...

i am going to start to apply for some DT's. yikes right? i know!

so i'm probably going to be a little better about updating the old blog, and posting work i've done. i just think i'm at a spot where i have time to do these, i love working with new stuff, and i feel like i am up for the challenge.

hopefully some co ordinators feel the same way about me as i do :)

aside from that, life is getting busy. i'm getting a tingle for Christmas, and this year i think Keith and i are going to get more in the spirit than last year...what happend last year? we were kind of hum buggy, and before we knew it the season was over.


i've already started making some cards, but they are for the L COM card team so i can't share just yet.

i should also mention that LCOM is looking for some new members for the card team, its really fun full of great challenges, i love it!

try out for it, you'll love it too!

other things i love today: phone calls from Keith, wine, King, movies at Amy's, and the planned scrappy date with Amy and Amanda for this weekend

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

all clean...

my teeth i mean, got home from the dentist and NO CAVITIES. i do have to go back in a couple weeks to have a bit of work done on my front teeth, but i think i'll be happy with the results so i'm not to worried about that. (for the most part, i do not enjoy the dentist, but what are you going to do?)

tonight i was thinking to myself "i can't wait to be a mom" and then i heard this sound, could't really tell where it was coming from. and then i remembered, it was King outside on the deck!! i forgot he was out there!!!!
maybe i should hold off on the mommy thoughts until i start remembering my current responsibilities. *blushing*

i can't believe that i failed to mention that i am now on the card team over at LCOM. :) :) :)

pretty happy about it, i like being part of something.

i am looking forward to this saturday, i'm going to a local crop to get some scrapping and munching done, always good.

my legs are still really sore, i'm looking forward to my doctors appointment next week. hopefully i can get something a little stronger so i don't have to be so darn uncomfortable, but i don't want major drugs either. its such a fine line, some of those pills are really easy for some people to get addicted to. gotta be careful.

keith has been hunting, but so far he's pretty much just keeping all the deer fed with apples, i'm sure they appreciate it. i've missed him, i'll be glad to get him home.

i guess thats all for now, have a great day :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

short update...

oh my goodness its been awhile. sorry :)

i have had such a great weekend, LCOM had a crop, Tanya did a great job putting it on. She went above and beyond any other hostess at a crop ever has...EVER


it was so good to finally get back together with my scrappy friends, it had been too long. no excuses, we need to scrap together more often.

i'm a little bummed that my term on the sketch team is over, i think some of you know what i mean when i say that.

since coming home from the crop i have noticed that my scrap room needs to be reorganized. badly.

i have also decided that my spending has become WAY out of control, that means minimal goodies for the remainder of this year at least. it has to be that way, otherwise i'm going to find myself with no gas in the car, no food in the fridge, but enough bling to cover my entire kitchen table in rhinestones. (lovely thought, but not too practical )

we've had some water issues here, toilet overflowed, and i swear it was not because of poop. apparently the 160 mm of rain we had put a little snag in the septic drainage, so the toilet had no where to empty. that was minor, its all cleaned up.

** however i did go to Canadian Tire to buy a plunger on the off chance that was the problem (pouring rain, nighttime, should have been home in jammies kind of night) and the checkout girl decided to "test" my plunger on her scanner and got it stuck, so i had to get it off the thing, and she said "you're good at that" , what was i supposed to say? so i replied, "its my special skill")

then early this morning i could here keith in the basement swearing, so i got out of bed and found that yet again the water had made its way in, so we were mopping up the basement til mid morning. hope the rain is done with soon for the season, i'm for sure all done with it!

i am on a scrappy high from my crop, and i want so badly to start and complete plenty of projects, lots of LO's, cart loads of get the idea? i wanna scrap!)

can someone call in sick for me tomorrow? my legs hurt and i want to stay home.

please, come on, i'd do it for you if i could! :)

Friday, October 2, 2009


this is the LO I did using Jana's awesome sketch :)

woooohoooo we're having a blog hop at Let's Capture our Memories, sounds fun right?

Hi and welcome to the Capture These Sketches blog hop!! Didn't know we were having one? No problem!! Check out the details on the Sketch Team Blog. October's sponsor is My Stamp Box!! you have a chance to win a fabulous set of these stamps just by playing along!! So make sure to comment here and then move along to Tina's blog!!Don't forget to pick up your "letter"!! Write down the letter


and at the end of the hop, we'll tell you what to do with it!!Now here's the order again in case you got lost along the way!! :)











and then back to the sketch team blog!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

LCOM goings on...

i was just thinking about all the cool stuff going on at LCOM and i thought maybe i better post a reminder. first of all, the sketch team has been rocking out awesome LO's every week, and if you play along, you'll be in the draw for some cool stuff too. (gotta love that right?)

this month is featuring PINK PAISLEE and its is so drool worthy.

the second little bit of news is that they are going to be having a DESIGN TEAM!!!! its going to be so fantastic. how could it not when it has a superstar coordinator AMY!!

i encourage everyone to apply for this, its going to be awesome.

have a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

okay so...

amanda left me a blog award on her blog, but i didn't put it up here yet. i hope to do that soon.

i am in a major funk lately (i'd say three or four days) and it doesn't seem to be lifting, anyone have a hole for me to crawl in?

i did manage to make twelve cards on the weekend, all thank you ones, because i figured that is the one kind of card you ALWAYS need.

aside from that, nothing really going on here. king doesn't seem to be finishing his meals lately and he stops walking and sits down when i take him for a walk.

keith and i bought a new microwave last night because the old one beeped constantly and i was pretty sure it was going to burn the house down someday if we left it plugged in. ( i know some people worry if the turned the stove off, i was seriously concerned if we went out and i forgot to unplug the microwave)

big news at LCOM too, amy is going to be the coordinator of the design team!! woot! she'll be awesome at that, great job AMY!

thats all for now, off to work i go.

Monday, August 3, 2009

i'll get there

i've been making stuff, and i like it too!
no, i have not taken a picture of it yet, but i have really good intentions of doing so at some point.

have you been checking out the sketch stuff at LCOM? pretty dang cool, awesome sketches and the girls are turning out some fabulous LO's to go with them!

while you are there, check out the store (especially the preorder section) and get yourself some amazing goodies! (i have been shopping, sometimes 5 times a day!)

i hope everyone is enjoying there weekend,


Thursday, July 23, 2009

CUTE!!!!! mans best friend for sure

how cute are these two?

king loves to chase golf balls when keith is out in the back yard hitting them

Monday, July 20, 2009

good news? well, its news anyway

i got a phone call from my surgeons office today, i have an appointment for the middle of september. i'm hoping he will tell me that i am perfectly normal (however that probably won't happen) but at least i'll be getting looked after.

i guess only time will tell.

thanks for listening

Sunday, July 19, 2009

movies tonight!!!

i get to go see the new Harry Potter movie tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amy and i will be leaving shortly so we can get there early. its probably going to be packed and we want good seats.

she's going to drop off some stuff that i ordered from LCOM too, the LO kit from Amanda Muirhead is so gorgeous, i can't wait to get my hands on it.

today i finished my first LO for the LCOM sketch team, i wasn't sure how i was going to like the LO but now that it is finished, i am really happy with it. i get to share it after next friday.

i should probably get off the computer now, and get my tushy in gear for leaving in a bit.

have a great day everybody!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i scrapped

so much fun last weekend, amy and i put together some cards, i did a LO too!!

its with the lemonade stuff from basic grey, its really nice paper, and i love the summery fun colors. oddly enough, the pic i chose is from Christmas time, but thank goodness for black and white, because you can't really tell.

i am LOVING the sketch team at LCOM, so many great sponsers. I can't wait to crack open the PILE of pink paislee i got, gonna make some purdy LO's with it, i just know it!

have a great day everyone :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

bad blogger alert

oops, i'll get back in the saddle this weekend. i have made stuff, i have done stuff too
but posting on here has been a bit tricky this week, i havn't had much time. i will though....promise

on another note, big brother started tonight and i love it!! my favorite summer show.

this weekend i get to go scrapping with Amy, :):):)
can't wait, we're gonna be assembling some Basic Grey card kits, i love those things. they go together easy and look FAB when finished.

have a great night everyone,

check back soon

Thursday, July 2, 2009

LCOM sketch blog RAK

did you know there is a RAK over at the LCOM sketch blog?

go check it out, its gonna be good!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

holy sketchy goodness!!!!

let me just tell you that there is some awesome stuff in the works over at LCOM sketch blog, you MUST check it out.

today was the kick off day, and Tina posted an awesome sketch. i've almost got my LO done for it, and i LOVE it.

so much fun.

by the way, Happy Cananda Day, its pretty overcast and wet here, but Keith and i went for ice cream anyway, it was YUMMY!

hope you are all having a great day,

(oh, and thanks to amanda i now know how to digital sketches, so maybe when i get a few more done, i might post them here and do a little RAK....ooh yes, that sounds like a good idea, STAY TUNED)

Monday, June 29, 2009

did you see my blinkie!?!?!

i have the new LCOM blinkie here so you can click on it and head over to check out all the cool new happenings. :)

we are going to be launching the new sketch team and there is going to be some super awesome talent and FUN so come check it out.

thats all for now, i've been working on making digital sketches and i think i'm getting better at it, just gotta figure out how to get them uploaded onto the website,

techinical stuff is SO not my thing

Thursday, June 25, 2009

love my owl bag

i love this bag, it has pockets on the front!! great for hiding snacks and it has great big buttons on it, which i love!

and the owls are pretty dang cute too!

got it at "spring" at the mall, i think it was only $20, love it :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

new goodies

just got home with a bag full of stickles ;)

love 'em!!

thinking maybe i'm going to make a small little album to record all my stickles in, because when i go to buy more, i may not be able to remember all the kinds i have.

as well, the fireflies are out at our house now, and it makes the backyard look SOOOOO beautiful.

keith and i are going to pick up our AC DC tickets this weekend, i'll be glad to get them in hand, because Keith is really looking forward to that one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

not much new tonight

not a whole lot going on, just found out i didn't make a design team i applied for, which i guess i'm not really surprised at, but still...:(

keith and i took king on a big walk tonight, on trails, and he found every single puddle in the woods. he loved it.

had an iced cap today, with chocolate milk, it was really good. the girls on the Lets Capture Our Memories Board were talking about things from Tims that are bad for you, and it got me really wanting some timbits and iced cap. not sure if thats what the intention was, but the more i heard how bad that stuff was for me, the more i wanted to get my hands on it ASAP.

my legs are really sore tonight, and i am thinking i might just do some laundry and then go to bed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

fathers day card

not a great photo, but here's the card i made John for fathers day. gotta get it in an envelope and in the mail tomorrow so it gets there on time, hopefully.

i made a new LO yesterday, and i REALLY like it, but i can't share it yet because i did it for a Scrapjack over at Lets Capture Our Memories, so that will have to wait.

i love seeing those things revealed, everyone works so hard on them and the Layouts are always amazing.

thank you Amanda for organizing it!

on the home front King has been busily chewing a rib keith got him at the pet store, i just took it away because he was getting little pieces of bone off it, and those are not tummy friendly.

after that was taken away, he went into the cold room and took a piece of concrete, so Keith and i had to corner him to get it back. he is SNEAKY

work wasn't too bad today, but i am still looking forward to Friday, i don't like waiting all week for two days off, but i guess most of the world is in the same boat eh?

hope everyone has a great day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the troublesome card

here is the card i made for a girl at work, Melissa is having a boy, only 9 weeks left to go!!

this card caused some issues with a co worker of mine, but i have a quote from the Gilmore Girls for her.... "you are way deep in my bogus bag and its ziplocked shut"

(sorry, but for some reason i find that quote TOO funny)
i used a sketch from Lets Capture Our Memories to make this one, by the awesome Darlene

new thing i made

not the greatest picture, i took it at 10 30 last night, but i made my own magnetic board for display in the living room. i just covered an old magnetic photo collage backing with patterned paper and them made a LO seperately. then i glued magnets to the back of the LO and stuck it on the magnetic board.

super easy, and i LOVE my hot glue gun. i know its not archival quality but i'm really starting to not care about that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dry felting

here's a little dry felting piece i made for my mom :)

its called an "I scream" and its yelling "LICK OFF!!!"

fun to make, i LOVE dry felting, it keeps the hands busy during TV time so i don't spend my time snacking :)

thanks for looking

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


i get so bored when keith is working. i love that its two weeks on two weeks off, makes for lots of together time when he's not working, but when he is working, he's gone A LOT.''

i will admit its better than when we were doing the long distance thing and we went six months without seeing each other, but now i'm used to seeing him.

maybe i'm just being silly.

on another note, i was researching the process of adoption last night and i was really surprised to learn about the price difference between public and private adoption. apparently most of the fees are waived during the public adoption process. just good information to never know.

anyway, today was a busy day at work, just getting ready for going into the office. it really has me stressing about when the year is up, what the heck am i going to do? i don't think i want to go back into a classroom, but if there is no other choice, will i go to another place to work? and do what when i get there? i really think i need a new career.

Monday, June 8, 2009

its just not my day...

not really any reason for feeling this way today, but i just feel blah. i feel like nothing new or exciting is really going on in my life, not that what i have isn't amazing and i am well aware how blessed i am. but i keep wondering what is next for me and i don't feel like i'm going to get answers to that any time soon. i am getting a promotion at work in a couple of weeks, but its only for one year while another girl is on maternity leave, then i go back to my same old job, so the promotion doesn't really feel like its mine.

maybe i'm just grumpy.

i don't even feel like scrapping tonight, and i have a LO on the table that i want to complete, its not going to happen tonight.

i walked the dog today, we've had better ones that the one we had tongiht. he's learning but he is very definitely a work in progress.

i can't shake my mood i'm in, its like there is a cloud over my head (a stormy one)

maybe tomorrow will be better?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

isn't he cute?!?

what the heck do you think i'll be like when i have kids if i'm like this now?

love my boy!!!


just got back from getting groceries and printing pictures, while i was there, i found the first two seasons of i love lucy on for 19.99 each, yay!!
i have them on vhs but i have watched them so much the tapes literally do not work anymore, now i can watch all i want (and talk along with each episode too, as i know ALL the words)
*dork alert :)

so happy!!


okay, here's the breakdown:
1. is my current fave LO, by moi :)
2. is a LO i created using....
3. a sketch by me :)
4. the LO i created based on the Capture Sketch Blog
thanks for looking :)

later today...

i'll be posting my application for the sketch design team at Lets Capture Our Memories.

wish me luck!!!!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

home from the crop!!

just got home from Sandra's crop, it was lots of fun.
i got three Layouts done (almost done, they need some finishing touches.)
it felt weird to be at a crop and not shop which made me a bit sad, but i did gain some scrappy connections which always come in handy so i was pleased with that.

*it just occured to me that i feel a bit like Doogie Houser (spelling?) typing up my day on my blog like this....*

tomorrow i am going to post my sketch design team application for Lets Capture Our Memories. i am a little bit nervous about applying, i have so little design team experience, but hey....ya gotta put yourself out there right?

i'm feeling pretty tired tonight, must be all the scrappy energy i expended today.

i'm hoping tomorrow is a good day, i'm on a MOJO ROLL and i want to get some more things done, and maybe venture into the garden...eek!
we'll see if i can handle weeds and bugs, might not happen

crop today!!

i am up nice and early on this grey saturday morning because 1. i have a sweet puppy who cannot sleep in and 2. i have a crop to go to that i have not packed for at all.

so i am enjoying a cup of tea right now and thinking of what to put in my bags....there is a lot to choose from because i have been SHOPPING like a crazy person with all the sales at Paws on Scrapbooking. (i do love a sale, and a sale on scrappy supplies....:) )

i am feeling a little tired because Keith came home at 3 am and he startled the dog...lots of barking and i was very confused beause i was FAST asleep. then i was a bit grumpy because i had been woken up......thats never good.

tonight i am going to post my application for the Sketch Team over at Lets Capture Our Memories. i have the sketch all drawn up, i just need to make the LO based on their sketch, and let me tell you it is a fantastic one!! created by the fabulous Tina M.!!

off i go, i could spend all day on this computer and i would probably get NOTHING done.

maybe i'll shop at Paws one more time before breakfast........

Friday, June 5, 2009

please be advised that Paws on Scrapbooking has everything on for 50%!!!

can you believe i shopped :)
i am going to try and be better about using this darn thing.
all the new changes with Paws closing and the new forum opening up, i think that should be enough change to inspire me.

Let's HOPE!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

a couple of Layouts, all are posted on Paws as well, thanks for looking.
sorry the pictures aren't the greatest

crop yesterday

what else can i say, it was a blast. i loved meeting new people, everyone was so nice. i really enjoyed getting out, i don't do that a whole lot. J was there with new goodies from the Paws store, and i shopped....a lot....but not as much as i thought i would. (gotta save a little something for the next crop in April)
today i think i am going to head into town to pick up the Twilight movie, then maybe come home and eat snacks while i watch it. i should probably do that before keith gets home from work, i don't think that would be his choice of activity.

i was really happy to get so much done at the crop, 3 layouts is not bad for me. Heather from Paws got a crazy amount of cards done, more than 20 i think! i am not a scrappy machine like that, but it was fun to use stuff and to also see what everyone else was doing.

towards the end of the crop, i started to get lonesome for my boys, so i packed up and went home half an hour early, i wasn't the only one, we were all pretty well finished.

it was nice to get home, keith was watching Air Bud on TV and we were calling King that, Keith said King liked to listen to the dog on the TV. (king does that a lot, he goes over and sniffs the television when there is a dog on, or a wolf, he likes his 'pack')

oh, i'm also reading a new book of night...the first book is marked. these books are twilight meets harry potter!!!

they are also geared for teens but lately thats what i'be been reading.

so great, check them out, and if you want something WAY steamier but still on the vampire line, pick up THE VAMPIRE SHRINK.....whoa, its a hot one

have a great day :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

just the cutest

seriously though, isn't he the cutest!!??
he's a bit B A D most of the time, he sneaks into the bed (okay, i let him sneak in) and he barks in the middle of the night (but hey, there might be something out there) and he jumps up on us constantly (to give kisses of course!) but we love him so much!!
he's our boy!
i go on and on about my dog like some people go on about their kids, in my opinion, he's perfect.
he's curled up at my feet right now, any second he may get up and bark for my attention. i'll cherish this quiet moment,
i am off to a crop today, no idea what to pack, what to expect, what to even wear! (my word, i have some issues) and i'm a bit nervous because i won't know a darn person there, except for meetings online.
will these people think i'm a dork? oh probably, since i'll show up completely covered in dog hair (love you king ) and then i'll start sacheying around with my super awesome walk, maybe they won't notice....HA!
anyway, off i go to step out of my comfort bubble...

Friday, March 20, 2009

the first one

here i go, off to post on my i really one of those people who have a blog? guess so. not sure why, will people read it? chances are they will not because no one will probably even know about it.
so why do i have this blog? to complain? brag? whine? share? most likely all of these reasons and more.

i'm not even sure what to do now, do i talk about my day? it wasn't great, neither was the rest of the week so i'd rather not get into that.

do i talk about life? pretty boring, got groceries after work and then came home and ate ice cream.

going to my first crop tomorrow, very excited to meet lots of girls from Paws on Scrapbooking. a little nervous too, dang this social anxiety!

what else can i say?

not much, seriously, i should just delete this whole post, its total nonsense!

anyway, off i go,
have a great day, whoever you are