Sunday, October 25, 2009

short update...

oh my goodness its been awhile. sorry :)

i have had such a great weekend, LCOM had a crop, Tanya did a great job putting it on. She went above and beyond any other hostess at a crop ever has...EVER


it was so good to finally get back together with my scrappy friends, it had been too long. no excuses, we need to scrap together more often.

i'm a little bummed that my term on the sketch team is over, i think some of you know what i mean when i say that.

since coming home from the crop i have noticed that my scrap room needs to be reorganized. badly.

i have also decided that my spending has become WAY out of control, that means minimal goodies for the remainder of this year at least. it has to be that way, otherwise i'm going to find myself with no gas in the car, no food in the fridge, but enough bling to cover my entire kitchen table in rhinestones. (lovely thought, but not too practical )

we've had some water issues here, toilet overflowed, and i swear it was not because of poop. apparently the 160 mm of rain we had put a little snag in the septic drainage, so the toilet had no where to empty. that was minor, its all cleaned up.

** however i did go to Canadian Tire to buy a plunger on the off chance that was the problem (pouring rain, nighttime, should have been home in jammies kind of night) and the checkout girl decided to "test" my plunger on her scanner and got it stuck, so i had to get it off the thing, and she said "you're good at that" , what was i supposed to say? so i replied, "its my special skill")

then early this morning i could here keith in the basement swearing, so i got out of bed and found that yet again the water had made its way in, so we were mopping up the basement til mid morning. hope the rain is done with soon for the season, i'm for sure all done with it!

i am on a scrappy high from my crop, and i want so badly to start and complete plenty of projects, lots of LO's, cart loads of get the idea? i wanna scrap!)

can someone call in sick for me tomorrow? my legs hurt and i want to stay home.

please, come on, i'd do it for you if i could! :)

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