Wednesday, November 4, 2009

all clean...

my teeth i mean, got home from the dentist and NO CAVITIES. i do have to go back in a couple weeks to have a bit of work done on my front teeth, but i think i'll be happy with the results so i'm not to worried about that. (for the most part, i do not enjoy the dentist, but what are you going to do?)

tonight i was thinking to myself "i can't wait to be a mom" and then i heard this sound, could't really tell where it was coming from. and then i remembered, it was King outside on the deck!! i forgot he was out there!!!!
maybe i should hold off on the mommy thoughts until i start remembering my current responsibilities. *blushing*

i can't believe that i failed to mention that i am now on the card team over at LCOM. :) :) :)

pretty happy about it, i like being part of something.

i am looking forward to this saturday, i'm going to a local crop to get some scrapping and munching done, always good.

my legs are still really sore, i'm looking forward to my doctors appointment next week. hopefully i can get something a little stronger so i don't have to be so darn uncomfortable, but i don't want major drugs either. its such a fine line, some of those pills are really easy for some people to get addicted to. gotta be careful.

keith has been hunting, but so far he's pretty much just keeping all the deer fed with apples, i'm sure they appreciate it. i've missed him, i'll be glad to get him home.

i guess thats all for now, have a great day :)

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