Sunday, November 22, 2009


i think i'm fighting a flu bug. it all started in the middle of the night, i was having flu symptoms,but i thought maybe it was from something i ate so i dismissed it. i was feeling a bit better this morning, so King and I went to the new dog park and we LOVED IT!!! King played with all the other dogs so well, he was gentle with the small ones, and so pathetically submissive with the large ones. He didn't jump on anyone, the whole time! i was so happy, and he even said hello to a toddler who was there, he just gave him the gentlest sniff, made me happy to know he is still gentle like that with little ones.

anyway, i got home from that and i started feeling really weak and faint, kind of panicked a bit because i was home alone and i don't know what i'd do if i fainted by myfelf. luckily that didn't happen, but now i'm just feeling tired, and hungry but i'm being super careful about what i eat.

i only had soup for supper, and crackers and some flat gingerale.

later on tonight i might have some warm liquid jell-o. some people think thats a weird comfort food but my nana used to make it for my mom, and my mom used to make it for me and it makes my tummy feel so much better. i think the gelatin does something to soothe your stomache too.

i might have to scrap that little bit of information, its a nice comfort thing. :)

speaking of scrapping, i don't really include too much of that around here eh? i have been trying to be better about posting, and i have been, but now i just need to add some scrappy creations.

yeah, right, i'll get there......

on another note, i went to see New Moon yesterday with Amy and some of her friends. Amanda couldn't make it because she was not feeling well, but we'll get to another movie with you soon Amanda!!

i really liked New Moon, its nice that Jacob didn't need to wear a shirt, really nice. :)

i think they did a way better job with this movie compared to the last one, but now i don't want to wait for the next ones.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

no title

after deleting three potential titles, this post gets no title, i can't be bothered to try to be clever today. i want very badly to organzie my ribbon stash. i don't seem to find a way that works for me, and after an anxiety attack about it the other night, its just all sitting on the floor in my scrap room.

maybe this evening, but i'm super tired and even though its early, i really want to go to bed.

i've already done lots today, laundry dishes, played with king, oh yeah, worked 9 hours too

thats enough right?

i need to photograph the book i made for my mom, but its so dark that i probably won't tonight.

on an interesting and positive note: NEW MOON opens this weekend, i'm so excited to go on Saturday. its going to be awesome!!

also, i have my front teeth all shiny, white and shaped beautifully. i feel i can brag like that since it was dang expensive, hurt a little, and i've been waiting for YEARS to get it done.

pearly whites, so worth it!

thats all for now! :) :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

i thought it was monday...

so i was getting ready to post my card for the LCOM card team, but wait!!! its only thursday, that day off in the middle of the week really messes me up.

i love going to work and earning a paycheque, but i would so much rather stay home. i have been crocheting a blanket, i'm not that great at it, but its so relaxing to do while i'm watching tv, and everyone likes blankets right?

its a baby blanket, and keith asked me who it was for. i told him in all reality it might be for us since it takes me FOREVER to finish a project like that. the Christmas tree skirt is going on year three people, i only like my wooly crafts in the winter.

i have a scrappy date with my friends this weekend, can't wait! need to get some projects finished.

thats all for tonight :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

takin' the plunge...

i am going to start to apply for some DT's. yikes right? i know!

so i'm probably going to be a little better about updating the old blog, and posting work i've done. i just think i'm at a spot where i have time to do these, i love working with new stuff, and i feel like i am up for the challenge.

hopefully some co ordinators feel the same way about me as i do :)

aside from that, life is getting busy. i'm getting a tingle for Christmas, and this year i think Keith and i are going to get more in the spirit than last year...what happend last year? we were kind of hum buggy, and before we knew it the season was over.


i've already started making some cards, but they are for the L COM card team so i can't share just yet.

i should also mention that LCOM is looking for some new members for the card team, its really fun full of great challenges, i love it!

try out for it, you'll love it too!

other things i love today: phone calls from Keith, wine, King, movies at Amy's, and the planned scrappy date with Amy and Amanda for this weekend

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

all clean...

my teeth i mean, got home from the dentist and NO CAVITIES. i do have to go back in a couple weeks to have a bit of work done on my front teeth, but i think i'll be happy with the results so i'm not to worried about that. (for the most part, i do not enjoy the dentist, but what are you going to do?)

tonight i was thinking to myself "i can't wait to be a mom" and then i heard this sound, could't really tell where it was coming from. and then i remembered, it was King outside on the deck!! i forgot he was out there!!!!
maybe i should hold off on the mommy thoughts until i start remembering my current responsibilities. *blushing*

i can't believe that i failed to mention that i am now on the card team over at LCOM. :) :) :)

pretty happy about it, i like being part of something.

i am looking forward to this saturday, i'm going to a local crop to get some scrapping and munching done, always good.

my legs are still really sore, i'm looking forward to my doctors appointment next week. hopefully i can get something a little stronger so i don't have to be so darn uncomfortable, but i don't want major drugs either. its such a fine line, some of those pills are really easy for some people to get addicted to. gotta be careful.

keith has been hunting, but so far he's pretty much just keeping all the deer fed with apples, i'm sure they appreciate it. i've missed him, i'll be glad to get him home.

i guess thats all for now, have a great day :)