Wednesday, July 14, 2010

this blog...

needs a makeover

big time

i think i need to give it more attention


i have some serious work cut out for me

Sunday, June 6, 2010


i should probably blog eh?

here goes

LCOM card team is up and going, and i'm a member!!!!
(i love this team, we are coming together to make some inspired cards which will hopefully be given and brighten someones day, gotta love that right?)

since its been months and months since the last blog post i will try to catch up on all of our goings on...

probably not a whole lot woth mentioning

our baby King has had some tummy troubles but we're hoping he's on the mend, we took him swimming today so we'll be on ear infection watch for the next few days

we've had a lot of rain lately, and it makes me just want to sit inside and sleep, which is exactly what i did today, gotta love 3.5 hour naps

work is still crazy, i still don't know what job i'll be doing in 5 weeks, and i hate that, i like to have a bit more security and consistancy

i've started researching going back to school, it won't be part time, it will be online, but i think its about time this girl got her degree, the diploma has got me about as far as its gonna get me

keith has been doing lots of work around the house, and he has the garage spot all staked out, so hopefully we get that this year, he's been waiting long enough

the rain is not helping my legs much, i'm pretty sore all the time, but i'm not sure what options i have so i just keep trying to manage, its tough

i went to a card class last night taught by my friend Amanda, it was fun and the cards were super cute!

thats all i can think about right now,

my nap is wearing off, its almost time for bed

Sunday, January 3, 2010

one more thing...

L COM has a new 52 pick up challenge

do one sketch LO each week, and then at the end of the year, you have an album all full

cool eh?

posting again?!?!?!

here i go, updating the blog regularly (okay okay, semi regularly)

its still snowing here, not like last night, but still snowing

i have been scrapping up a storm for the past 24 hours, i thought i might need to put together a DT APP just in case there is a call out.....JUST IN CASE ;)

stuff looks pretty good i guess, but i really SUCK at taking pictures of my work, i think thats half my prob.

ah well.

i need to get the Christmas tree out of my house, but i can't do it on my own and Keith has had to be working LOTS of hours lately.

it does make the living room a little greener, but i want my space back in this room. plus it has started dropping needles every time one of walks past it, time to be all done with Christmas

back to work tomorrow, i only have 5 months left as the Supervisor and i can't help but worry and stress over what is going to happen after that. i think its going to make me unhappy so i don't want to think about it, but i can't just wait and see, thats not my personality at all.

it really drives me crazy.

i don't want to give up the money either, its not much more for the job i do, but i still want it...obviously.

it goes without saying but my legs hurt too.

and i'm hungry but i feel kinda chunky so i think twice every time i go to eat something.

i'm also cold and the only thing warming me is my laptop.

crap, i seem to be slightly grumpy today.

but on the bright side i did play in the snow with King this morning, i even made a snow man but i didn't get him dressed yet.

and last night i took a picture of King with his large Christmas Marrow Bone, he's one handsome boy.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

farewell 2009

so its the end of the year....

Keith and I have stuffed ourselves with Chinese food, and there are leftovers so i am all set for tomorrow as well. Later we will be heading out to a friends house, and then over to another friends house, not exactly staying in like planned but should be fun anyway.

so how has the year gone for me?

i am the supervisor at work now, and if i got to keep that job it would be awesome, but i don't so...meh!

we have our boy King and thats a pleasure (almost) every day - love you King!

i have made some amazing friends this year, and i can't believe this time last year we only knew each other by screen names on a forum....crazy how some people you just ARE friends with.

i think my scrapbooking style has changed a lot this year, definitely more detailed, lots more product and depth going into each and every project.

i have begun to LOVE making cards, and am thrilled with my position on the LCOM card team.

i havn't made any concrete new years resolutions but i do want to get more on track with "life in general" starting in the new year.

i have begun to be a little slack about my healthy eating, and i've been making excuses about being inactive and that needs to stop ASAP.

*** i need to spend less money too***

i think i will finish this off with my all time fave LO ever. it is beautiful in real life, but the papers are super shiny so its hard to get a decent photo of the LO.

the journalling reads "we are so lucky to have a little guy like King sleeping under our Christmas tree"

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

(and by everyone i'm sure that just Amy and Amanda will read this)

;) lol

if anyone else reads it, make a comment because otherwise you're just sneaky!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

snow snow snow

is it going to stop falling from the sky?

we are getting so much of it, i tried to shovel the end of the driveway this morning at 6 30 but then i realized that its hard work and i don't like that so i just drove over it. i'm not sure thats what you are supposed to do, but i did it anyway.

i forgot to take my medicine this morning, and i'm kind of wishing that i had remembered right about now. i don't notice when i take it every day, its when i take a break from it that i notice.

i am looking forward to this week being over, i think i need to take a real vacation week soon. long weekends are great but its just not the same.

i hope everyone has a great day, maybe play in the snow? i might when i get home if King is up for it.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

from my house to yours, I hope you had a wonderful holiday.
we are pretty much back to normal here, a short work week for me and then New Years. I'm not sure what we'll be doing, Keith might have to be working, but thats okay. I love the holidays and this year i have so much to be thankful for. I'm so lucky to have Keith, King, my great friends, my awesome lucky.

I have been a terrible slacker with my blog, and i havn't even been scrapping that much. that needs to change. i need to scrap!

my attempts to get on some DT's didn't go over as planned, i sure do have lots of experience applying places, but um....thats about it.

i am still on the L COM card team and i am loving it. i never thought i would love card making, but its really grown on me. now i make cards for every single occasion i can think of.

oh, did i mention Santa found me this year? he brought me a macro lens for my camera, i am just like the paparrazzi now. i think i need to spend lots of time leaning how to use it, i need to do that with my camera as well.

the below photo is of King on Christmas morning. My Nana sent him the bandana, he's not really a fan of me putting things like that on him, his expression is sort of saying "oh please mom, take this off, i look like a weiner"

but i had to take a picture because i have to send it to my Nana, she'll love it.

hope all is well with you, hopefully i'll be back blogging before 5 weeks like last time!!