Sunday, January 3, 2010

posting again?!?!?!

here i go, updating the blog regularly (okay okay, semi regularly)

its still snowing here, not like last night, but still snowing

i have been scrapping up a storm for the past 24 hours, i thought i might need to put together a DT APP just in case there is a call out.....JUST IN CASE ;)

stuff looks pretty good i guess, but i really SUCK at taking pictures of my work, i think thats half my prob.

ah well.

i need to get the Christmas tree out of my house, but i can't do it on my own and Keith has had to be working LOTS of hours lately.

it does make the living room a little greener, but i want my space back in this room. plus it has started dropping needles every time one of walks past it, time to be all done with Christmas

back to work tomorrow, i only have 5 months left as the Supervisor and i can't help but worry and stress over what is going to happen after that. i think its going to make me unhappy so i don't want to think about it, but i can't just wait and see, thats not my personality at all.

it really drives me crazy.

i don't want to give up the money either, its not much more for the job i do, but i still want it...obviously.

it goes without saying but my legs hurt too.

and i'm hungry but i feel kinda chunky so i think twice every time i go to eat something.

i'm also cold and the only thing warming me is my laptop.

crap, i seem to be slightly grumpy today.

but on the bright side i did play in the snow with King this morning, i even made a snow man but i didn't get him dressed yet.

and last night i took a picture of King with his large Christmas Marrow Bone, he's one handsome boy.

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  1. We need to get together for a glass of red and some girl time! Try not to stress too much, but I know how it is...I do it to :( Miss you!