Thursday, December 31, 2009

farewell 2009

so its the end of the year....

Keith and I have stuffed ourselves with Chinese food, and there are leftovers so i am all set for tomorrow as well. Later we will be heading out to a friends house, and then over to another friends house, not exactly staying in like planned but should be fun anyway.

so how has the year gone for me?

i am the supervisor at work now, and if i got to keep that job it would be awesome, but i don't so...meh!

we have our boy King and thats a pleasure (almost) every day - love you King!

i have made some amazing friends this year, and i can't believe this time last year we only knew each other by screen names on a forum....crazy how some people you just ARE friends with.

i think my scrapbooking style has changed a lot this year, definitely more detailed, lots more product and depth going into each and every project.

i have begun to LOVE making cards, and am thrilled with my position on the LCOM card team.

i havn't made any concrete new years resolutions but i do want to get more on track with "life in general" starting in the new year.

i have begun to be a little slack about my healthy eating, and i've been making excuses about being inactive and that needs to stop ASAP.

*** i need to spend less money too***

i think i will finish this off with my all time fave LO ever. it is beautiful in real life, but the papers are super shiny so its hard to get a decent photo of the LO.

the journalling reads "we are so lucky to have a little guy like King sleeping under our Christmas tree"

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

(and by everyone i'm sure that just Amy and Amanda will read this)

;) lol

if anyone else reads it, make a comment because otherwise you're just sneaky!!!!


  1. Ok, so I started to write a comment and now it's annoying. Here I go again :) So glad we got to be great friends last year! You totally make me smile! Looking forward to hanging out with you a whole lot more this year! Love that layout too, super fun! Love you!

  2. LMAO! Of course I read all your posts, I love you!