Sunday, June 6, 2010


i should probably blog eh?

here goes

LCOM card team is up and going, and i'm a member!!!!
(i love this team, we are coming together to make some inspired cards which will hopefully be given and brighten someones day, gotta love that right?)

since its been months and months since the last blog post i will try to catch up on all of our goings on...

probably not a whole lot woth mentioning

our baby King has had some tummy troubles but we're hoping he's on the mend, we took him swimming today so we'll be on ear infection watch for the next few days

we've had a lot of rain lately, and it makes me just want to sit inside and sleep, which is exactly what i did today, gotta love 3.5 hour naps

work is still crazy, i still don't know what job i'll be doing in 5 weeks, and i hate that, i like to have a bit more security and consistancy

i've started researching going back to school, it won't be part time, it will be online, but i think its about time this girl got her degree, the diploma has got me about as far as its gonna get me

keith has been doing lots of work around the house, and he has the garage spot all staked out, so hopefully we get that this year, he's been waiting long enough

the rain is not helping my legs much, i'm pretty sore all the time, but i'm not sure what options i have so i just keep trying to manage, its tough

i went to a card class last night taught by my friend Amanda, it was fun and the cards were super cute!

thats all i can think about right now,

my nap is wearing off, its almost time for bed