Monday, June 29, 2009

did you see my blinkie!?!?!

i have the new LCOM blinkie here so you can click on it and head over to check out all the cool new happenings. :)

we are going to be launching the new sketch team and there is going to be some super awesome talent and FUN so come check it out.

thats all for now, i've been working on making digital sketches and i think i'm getting better at it, just gotta figure out how to get them uploaded onto the website,

techinical stuff is SO not my thing

Thursday, June 25, 2009

love my owl bag

i love this bag, it has pockets on the front!! great for hiding snacks and it has great big buttons on it, which i love!

and the owls are pretty dang cute too!

got it at "spring" at the mall, i think it was only $20, love it :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

new goodies

just got home with a bag full of stickles ;)

love 'em!!

thinking maybe i'm going to make a small little album to record all my stickles in, because when i go to buy more, i may not be able to remember all the kinds i have.

as well, the fireflies are out at our house now, and it makes the backyard look SOOOOO beautiful.

keith and i are going to pick up our AC DC tickets this weekend, i'll be glad to get them in hand, because Keith is really looking forward to that one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

not much new tonight

not a whole lot going on, just found out i didn't make a design team i applied for, which i guess i'm not really surprised at, but still...:(

keith and i took king on a big walk tonight, on trails, and he found every single puddle in the woods. he loved it.

had an iced cap today, with chocolate milk, it was really good. the girls on the Lets Capture Our Memories Board were talking about things from Tims that are bad for you, and it got me really wanting some timbits and iced cap. not sure if thats what the intention was, but the more i heard how bad that stuff was for me, the more i wanted to get my hands on it ASAP.

my legs are really sore tonight, and i am thinking i might just do some laundry and then go to bed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

fathers day card

not a great photo, but here's the card i made John for fathers day. gotta get it in an envelope and in the mail tomorrow so it gets there on time, hopefully.

i made a new LO yesterday, and i REALLY like it, but i can't share it yet because i did it for a Scrapjack over at Lets Capture Our Memories, so that will have to wait.

i love seeing those things revealed, everyone works so hard on them and the Layouts are always amazing.

thank you Amanda for organizing it!

on the home front King has been busily chewing a rib keith got him at the pet store, i just took it away because he was getting little pieces of bone off it, and those are not tummy friendly.

after that was taken away, he went into the cold room and took a piece of concrete, so Keith and i had to corner him to get it back. he is SNEAKY

work wasn't too bad today, but i am still looking forward to Friday, i don't like waiting all week for two days off, but i guess most of the world is in the same boat eh?

hope everyone has a great day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

the troublesome card

here is the card i made for a girl at work, Melissa is having a boy, only 9 weeks left to go!!

this card caused some issues with a co worker of mine, but i have a quote from the Gilmore Girls for her.... "you are way deep in my bogus bag and its ziplocked shut"

(sorry, but for some reason i find that quote TOO funny)
i used a sketch from Lets Capture Our Memories to make this one, by the awesome Darlene

new thing i made

not the greatest picture, i took it at 10 30 last night, but i made my own magnetic board for display in the living room. i just covered an old magnetic photo collage backing with patterned paper and them made a LO seperately. then i glued magnets to the back of the LO and stuck it on the magnetic board.

super easy, and i LOVE my hot glue gun. i know its not archival quality but i'm really starting to not care about that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dry felting

here's a little dry felting piece i made for my mom :)

its called an "I scream" and its yelling "LICK OFF!!!"

fun to make, i LOVE dry felting, it keeps the hands busy during TV time so i don't spend my time snacking :)

thanks for looking

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


i get so bored when keith is working. i love that its two weeks on two weeks off, makes for lots of together time when he's not working, but when he is working, he's gone A LOT.''

i will admit its better than when we were doing the long distance thing and we went six months without seeing each other, but now i'm used to seeing him.

maybe i'm just being silly.

on another note, i was researching the process of adoption last night and i was really surprised to learn about the price difference between public and private adoption. apparently most of the fees are waived during the public adoption process. just good information to never know.

anyway, today was a busy day at work, just getting ready for going into the office. it really has me stressing about when the year is up, what the heck am i going to do? i don't think i want to go back into a classroom, but if there is no other choice, will i go to another place to work? and do what when i get there? i really think i need a new career.

Monday, June 8, 2009

its just not my day...

not really any reason for feeling this way today, but i just feel blah. i feel like nothing new or exciting is really going on in my life, not that what i have isn't amazing and i am well aware how blessed i am. but i keep wondering what is next for me and i don't feel like i'm going to get answers to that any time soon. i am getting a promotion at work in a couple of weeks, but its only for one year while another girl is on maternity leave, then i go back to my same old job, so the promotion doesn't really feel like its mine.

maybe i'm just grumpy.

i don't even feel like scrapping tonight, and i have a LO on the table that i want to complete, its not going to happen tonight.

i walked the dog today, we've had better ones that the one we had tongiht. he's learning but he is very definitely a work in progress.

i can't shake my mood i'm in, its like there is a cloud over my head (a stormy one)

maybe tomorrow will be better?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

isn't he cute?!?

what the heck do you think i'll be like when i have kids if i'm like this now?

love my boy!!!


just got back from getting groceries and printing pictures, while i was there, i found the first two seasons of i love lucy on for 19.99 each, yay!!
i have them on vhs but i have watched them so much the tapes literally do not work anymore, now i can watch all i want (and talk along with each episode too, as i know ALL the words)
*dork alert :)

so happy!!


okay, here's the breakdown:
1. is my current fave LO, by moi :)
2. is a LO i created using....
3. a sketch by me :)
4. the LO i created based on the Capture Sketch Blog
thanks for looking :)

later today...

i'll be posting my application for the sketch design team at Lets Capture Our Memories.

wish me luck!!!!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

home from the crop!!

just got home from Sandra's crop, it was lots of fun.
i got three Layouts done (almost done, they need some finishing touches.)
it felt weird to be at a crop and not shop which made me a bit sad, but i did gain some scrappy connections which always come in handy so i was pleased with that.

*it just occured to me that i feel a bit like Doogie Houser (spelling?) typing up my day on my blog like this....*

tomorrow i am going to post my sketch design team application for Lets Capture Our Memories. i am a little bit nervous about applying, i have so little design team experience, but hey....ya gotta put yourself out there right?

i'm feeling pretty tired tonight, must be all the scrappy energy i expended today.

i'm hoping tomorrow is a good day, i'm on a MOJO ROLL and i want to get some more things done, and maybe venture into the garden...eek!
we'll see if i can handle weeds and bugs, might not happen

crop today!!

i am up nice and early on this grey saturday morning because 1. i have a sweet puppy who cannot sleep in and 2. i have a crop to go to that i have not packed for at all.

so i am enjoying a cup of tea right now and thinking of what to put in my bags....there is a lot to choose from because i have been SHOPPING like a crazy person with all the sales at Paws on Scrapbooking. (i do love a sale, and a sale on scrappy supplies....:) )

i am feeling a little tired because Keith came home at 3 am and he startled the dog...lots of barking and i was very confused beause i was FAST asleep. then i was a bit grumpy because i had been woken up......thats never good.

tonight i am going to post my application for the Sketch Team over at Lets Capture Our Memories. i have the sketch all drawn up, i just need to make the LO based on their sketch, and let me tell you it is a fantastic one!! created by the fabulous Tina M.!!

off i go, i could spend all day on this computer and i would probably get NOTHING done.

maybe i'll shop at Paws one more time before breakfast........

Friday, June 5, 2009

please be advised that Paws on Scrapbooking has everything on for 50%!!!

can you believe i shopped :)
i am going to try and be better about using this darn thing.
all the new changes with Paws closing and the new forum opening up, i think that should be enough change to inspire me.

Let's HOPE!!