Monday, June 15, 2009

fathers day card

not a great photo, but here's the card i made John for fathers day. gotta get it in an envelope and in the mail tomorrow so it gets there on time, hopefully.

i made a new LO yesterday, and i REALLY like it, but i can't share it yet because i did it for a Scrapjack over at Lets Capture Our Memories, so that will have to wait.

i love seeing those things revealed, everyone works so hard on them and the Layouts are always amazing.

thank you Amanda for organizing it!

on the home front King has been busily chewing a rib keith got him at the pet store, i just took it away because he was getting little pieces of bone off it, and those are not tummy friendly.

after that was taken away, he went into the cold room and took a piece of concrete, so Keith and i had to corner him to get it back. he is SNEAKY

work wasn't too bad today, but i am still looking forward to Friday, i don't like waiting all week for two days off, but i guess most of the world is in the same boat eh?

hope everyone has a great day.

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  1. I love your scrapjack LO...can't wait to show everyone!