Saturday, June 6, 2009

crop today!!

i am up nice and early on this grey saturday morning because 1. i have a sweet puppy who cannot sleep in and 2. i have a crop to go to that i have not packed for at all.

so i am enjoying a cup of tea right now and thinking of what to put in my bags....there is a lot to choose from because i have been SHOPPING like a crazy person with all the sales at Paws on Scrapbooking. (i do love a sale, and a sale on scrappy supplies....:) )

i am feeling a little tired because Keith came home at 3 am and he startled the dog...lots of barking and i was very confused beause i was FAST asleep. then i was a bit grumpy because i had been woken up......thats never good.

tonight i am going to post my application for the Sketch Team over at Lets Capture Our Memories. i have the sketch all drawn up, i just need to make the LO based on their sketch, and let me tell you it is a fantastic one!! created by the fabulous Tina M.!!

off i go, i could spend all day on this computer and i would probably get NOTHING done.

maybe i'll shop at Paws one more time before breakfast........

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