Monday, June 8, 2009

its just not my day...

not really any reason for feeling this way today, but i just feel blah. i feel like nothing new or exciting is really going on in my life, not that what i have isn't amazing and i am well aware how blessed i am. but i keep wondering what is next for me and i don't feel like i'm going to get answers to that any time soon. i am getting a promotion at work in a couple of weeks, but its only for one year while another girl is on maternity leave, then i go back to my same old job, so the promotion doesn't really feel like its mine.

maybe i'm just grumpy.

i don't even feel like scrapping tonight, and i have a LO on the table that i want to complete, its not going to happen tonight.

i walked the dog today, we've had better ones that the one we had tongiht. he's learning but he is very definitely a work in progress.

i can't shake my mood i'm in, its like there is a cloud over my head (a stormy one)

maybe tomorrow will be better?

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  1. I hope your days get better, Emily! Maybe we should get together sometime to hang out :) I know it always helps me to get out of the house! Congrats on your promotion. I'm sure you are very deserving!