Saturday, March 21, 2009

just the cutest

seriously though, isn't he the cutest!!??
he's a bit B A D most of the time, he sneaks into the bed (okay, i let him sneak in) and he barks in the middle of the night (but hey, there might be something out there) and he jumps up on us constantly (to give kisses of course!) but we love him so much!!
he's our boy!
i go on and on about my dog like some people go on about their kids, in my opinion, he's perfect.
he's curled up at my feet right now, any second he may get up and bark for my attention. i'll cherish this quiet moment,
i am off to a crop today, no idea what to pack, what to expect, what to even wear! (my word, i have some issues) and i'm a bit nervous because i won't know a darn person there, except for meetings online.
will these people think i'm a dork? oh probably, since i'll show up completely covered in dog hair (love you king ) and then i'll start sacheying around with my super awesome walk, maybe they won't notice....HA!
anyway, off i go to step out of my comfort bubble...

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