Sunday, March 22, 2009

crop yesterday

what else can i say, it was a blast. i loved meeting new people, everyone was so nice. i really enjoyed getting out, i don't do that a whole lot. J was there with new goodies from the Paws store, and i shopped....a lot....but not as much as i thought i would. (gotta save a little something for the next crop in April)
today i think i am going to head into town to pick up the Twilight movie, then maybe come home and eat snacks while i watch it. i should probably do that before keith gets home from work, i don't think that would be his choice of activity.

i was really happy to get so much done at the crop, 3 layouts is not bad for me. Heather from Paws got a crazy amount of cards done, more than 20 i think! i am not a scrappy machine like that, but it was fun to use stuff and to also see what everyone else was doing.

towards the end of the crop, i started to get lonesome for my boys, so i packed up and went home half an hour early, i wasn't the only one, we were all pretty well finished.

it was nice to get home, keith was watching Air Bud on TV and we were calling King that, Keith said King liked to listen to the dog on the TV. (king does that a lot, he goes over and sniffs the television when there is a dog on, or a wolf, he likes his 'pack')

oh, i'm also reading a new book of night...the first book is marked. these books are twilight meets harry potter!!!

they are also geared for teens but lately thats what i'be been reading.

so great, check them out, and if you want something WAY steamier but still on the vampire line, pick up THE VAMPIRE SHRINK.....whoa, its a hot one

have a great day :)

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